PhoneGap: Role In The Changing Mobile App Development Scenario

PhoneGap is an ideal solution for creating lightweight apps with greater flexibility, speed and cross-platform support. It creates a link between web applications and mobile devices with the help of advanced web technology.

PhoneGap is the ultimate mobile application development solution that eliminates the necessity to create separate apps for different internet supporting devices like Smartphones, Android, iPhone. Regardless, of being restricted to the mobile phones as the applications are compatible with most of the operating systems including iOS, Windows and Android. Due to this fact, web applications are accessible through the web browser effectively. PhoneGap is an HTML5 based app platform that enables developers to create native applications using web technologies and provide access to app stores and API’s.

This user-friendly framework is available free of cost and is being used by over 400,000 developers across the globe with more than one million downloads. PhoneGap has brought a drastic change in the way mobile apps were created. It has become easier to develop apps fast with the existing skills and techniques.

There are lots of exclusive benefits of this framework. We would love to share a few things that need be taken care of, prior to the introduction of PhoneGap.

  • Reduction in project cost by utilizing in house skills (HTML, JavaScript & CSS) and removes the need to hire platform specific developers.
  • The framework empowers developers to create cross-platform apps including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc.
  • It enables development of significant features rather than being confined to HTML5 based web applications. Also, we are able to access mobile features using JavaScript API like camera, geo-location etc.
  • It does not support a few built-in phone features like approach to cache in Bada or ‘media’ on Blackberry.
  • PhoneGap apps look similar across all the platforms. So, the use of ‘Steriods’ tool can be the solution here that provides a core native user interface with JavaScript.
  • PhoneGap build is a great service offered by Adobe that enables developers to create iOS applications without any requirement of mac, windows phone applications or windows PC. Moreover, it is free while developing one app at a time.
  • The DeviceLab has been started recently in Edinburgh, being one of the measures to help in reducing the difficulties faced by developers while testing the applications over different devices.
  • The majority of applications are close to original excluding some intense apps (games), which are not convenient for PhoneGap.

So, PhoneGap is the perfect solution for those who are interested in developing mobile application cost-effectively within a short period of time. Also, it is an exciting opportunity for the developers with HTML, JavaScript and CSS expertise to get their applications onto several platforms.

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